Hello, my name is Nick Judd.

I am a researcher and writer with deep subject matter expertise at the intersection of politics, society, and technology.

I offer consulting services in:

Please be in touch if you are looking for someone to add capacity to your organization for a special project or to meet the unexpected demands of the present moment.

As of August 2020 I will hold a Ph.D. in Sociology from The University of Chicago.

From 2011-2013 I was managing editor of techPresident, a news website about technology, politics, and civic life around the world. With a small editorial staff and an international network of freelancers, we consistently set the terms for discussion and debate about the role of the Internet in political campaigns, the relationships between governments and citizens online, and the growing power of platform companies. My journalism has appeared on Vice.com, Yahoo News, and elsewhere.

In 2013 I left techPresident to pursue my Ph.D. Since then, I have developed expertise in computational social science, which is an approach to the systematic study of society that draws on many of the same tools as data science. Whereas the data scientist is very often tasked with prediction, in social science the goal is usually to make inference about why or how people act the way that they do. Computational social science uses the analysis of large data sets to answer those questions with tools such as statistical models, machine learning, and simulations.

I study how people participate in politics and how their participation matters. My dissertation research focused on donors to federal political campaigns. I am now preparing my research for publication.

In other research, I study connections between different kinds of elites. I am developing a project that explores how political elites, journalists, and political outsiders interact on social media.

I also teach courses in quantitative social science in the College of the University of Chicago.

I have held fellowships at The Sunlight Foundation, where I was a Google Journalism Fellow, and Pew Research Center, where I was a fellow on the Data Labs team.